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The Chief Executive of Cruse Bereavement Care Debbie Kerslake and the Chief Executive of the National Association of Funeral Directors Alan Slater handed in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street on 23rd December. The letter set out how the cap on ‘other funeral expenses’ has remained at £700 since 2003 but during this period the cost of funeral expenses such as funeral directors and florists has not been immune to inflation. The letter calls for funeral poverty to be addressed, with as a first step, the £700 cap on ‘other funeral expenses’ to be index-linked to inflation.

Debbie Kerslake commented: 'At a time when bereaved people are going through the devastating experience of losing a loved one, it can’t be right that they are also burdened with unacceptable financial pressures. That’s why we at Cruse Bereavement Care are adding our voice to this call to help those in greatest need to meet the costs of funerals.'