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Cruse COO Andy and Operations Manager Nicola Dias (pictured right in front of the memorial) attended the dedication of the National Memorial to British victims of overseas terrorism held on 17 May at The National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire. Two Cruse staff and twelve volunteers attended the dedication, and were available to provide support to the 260 bereaved people attending the moving ceremony.

The National Memorial to Victims of Overseas Terrorism - entitled Still Water - is dedicated to all British victims of overseas terrorism and will stand to honour any future victims.

Tobias Ellwood, Minister for Defence People and Veterans said:

"This memorial is a poignant tribute to British people killed in terrorist attacks abroad and will act as a focal point for remembrance for their loved ones and the whole country.  It is a space for quiet reflection and contemplation and I hope that it will become a place where those who have been affected can come to remember.  I would encourage anyone who has lost a family member in an overseas terrorist incident to apply for a place at the dedication ceremony and join this act of remembrance."