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At Cruse Bereavement Care we rely on our 6000 volunteers to deliver our vital services to bereaved people, and this week we have been celebrating the work they do. It is important that we listen to volunteers and take account of their opinions of how we can continue to improve the volunteer experience, and in turn, help even more bereaved people. Some feedback from our annual survey of volunteers and the Investing in Volunteers report in Northern Ireland helps show what it is that keeps our volunteers motivated in their work.

Our volunteers feel rewarded

“It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life and it’s a privilege to do it”.

“It’s quite life changing.  It’s opened doors for me I’ve never expected.  Met people I never would have met.   It’s changed me”.

“[I love] feeling that I have given someone the tools to use, with which to find a way forward in their lives. Hearing someone say ‘I think I can cope now’, is wonderful, and it gives me a sense of achievement.”

Our volunteers feel supported

“We are supported 110%”; “There’s a sense of ‘We’re here for you’”.

“The training was brilliant”; “Every time you move role there is additional training”

“I like seeing my supervisor. She is very organised and responsive. She has always made me feel confident even when I wasn't really feeling it myself.”

Our volunteers feel part of something larger

“Volunteering helps remind me that I am most happiest when working together for a common purpose that helps and empowers others.”

“[What do I get out of Volunteering?] Meeting new friends. Contact. It’s a big family”.

“It’s a feeling of being in an extended family. Someone behind you to back you up. I feel happy with that and part of a fantastic institution”.

Next week we'll be sharing some more of our news and events from Volunteers' week. If you have a story to share contact kate.mitchell@cruse.org.uk. For more information about volunteering for Cruse see www.cruse.org.uk/volunteer. For stories of volunteers and those they have helped in their own words see www.cruse.org.uk/our-stories