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Debbie Kerslake retires

After 19 years with Cruse Bereavement Care of which eight were as CEO, Debbie is retiring at the end of this month. She arose to this position from the ranks, and as well as guiding Cruse, has been involved in many high profile activities including supporting the bereaved here and abroad for 9:11 (Twin Towers) The 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and 7/7 The London bombings, along the way.

Grieving on Mother's Day - National Helpline open 10-19:00 on 11th March

Mothering Sunday is on 11th March. If you know someone who missing their mother, or is a mother grieving for their child, please share these tips. It may provide some much needed support. In addition to the normal hours, the free Cruse National Helpline will be open from 10-19:00 on Mother's Day.