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Grieving on Valentine's Day

If you or someone you know is missing a loved one on this Valentine's Day, these tips from Cruse may provide some ideas which might help.

Send out a wave of hearts this Valentines Day

Recognise your limitations

Don't push yourself into an activity you're not up to.

Let someone else  know they are not alone 

Send a card or flowers to a friend or family member who you know is also feeling down on Valentine's Day.

TV's Charles Hanson of Flog it and Antiques Roadtrip Supports Cruse

Charles Hanson of Flog It, Antiques Roadtrip and Bargain Hunt will appear at an event in West Bridgford, Nottingham, for Cruse Bereavement Care – you can take along your antiques and heirlooms for valuation.  Valuations will cost £3/article (maximum of three) and all the proceeds will go to Cruse.


Cruse represented at today's Grenfell Memorial Service

Today's Grenfell Memorial Service at St Paul's Cathedral, marked the six month anniversary of this tragic event.  A number of Cruse personnel attended the service amid high security due to the presence of the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Canbridge, Prince Harry and the Prime Minister.

COO Andy Langford, also attended the event, but was on media duty. There he undertook an outside broadcast interview with BBC Radio 5 Live during which he described some of Cruse's extensive involvement in supporting those bereaved.



Woman wins legal battle for better rights for unmarried people

In a landmark decision, NHS worker Jakki Smith, from Lancashire, today won her legal battle for better rights for unmarried people whose long-term partner dies.  Currently a fixed sum of £12,980 is paid out if a person dies as a result of negligence, but only to spouse or civil partners. Her partner, John Bulloch, fell ill and died following an operation in August 2011 after an infection was missed by medics.