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Churchill Fellowship Adventures begin for Elaine

Cruse is delighted to announce that Elaine Roub, Young Cruse Coordinator in Northern Ireland, has been granted a Churchill Fellowship by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Elaine will be looking at how to make bereavement support more accessible for displaced children and families. She will be travelling to the States for three weeks in May to begin her research, and then to New Zealand for a month in October-November.

World-renowned composer dedicates 50% of proceeds of royal wedding song to Cruse

11th April 2018 - World-renowned composer Olga Thomas today announced 50% of proceeds from the sale of the Royal Hollywood Love Song, her gift to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, will be donated to Cruse Bereavement Care. 

ONS Loneliness Report - single or widowed at particular risk

According to today’s (10.4.18) ONS report,  “Loneliness – what characteristics and circumstances are associated with feeling lonely”, those single or widowed were reported at particular risk of experiencing loneliness more often. 

In the report, three profiles were identified as people of particular risk of loneliness:

Cruse volunteer Laraine Davies wins High Sheriff award for Clywd

Cruse North wales volunteer Laraine Davies has been awarded the High Sheriff Award for Clwyd, Wales for her work as a volunteer supporting bereaved families with Cruse North Wales.

The High Sheriff Awards were launched in 2013 to recognise individuals or voluntary/community organisations or groups (with charitable aims) that have made an outstanding contribution to their respective communities.