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Newly widowed parents facing heightened financial pressures, following Government’s bereavement benefit cuts

Today the Government implemented significant changes to bereavement benefits received by UK families – changes which will mean 75% of all families with children are likely to be worse off financially. The cuts to benefits come into effect as new research reveals that two thirds of widowed parents are not financially prepared for bereavement, with around one in six widowed parents admitting that they had been forced to re-locate or move home as a result of their partner’s death.

Jubilation Christmas Special Album makes the Perfect Christmas Gift

Jubilation is a beautiful classical album by world-renowned composer Olga Thomas and arranged and recorded by Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Band Portsmouth. This album was originally  released in the Summer but now includes three Christmas Carols to be re released as ‘Jubilation Christmas Special’ on the 2nd December and would make the perfect Christmas gift.

New figures show bereaved children less likely to share their worries

One in 29 school age children in the UK—almost one in every classroom—have been bereaved of a parent or sibling.  New data published today by the Childhood Bereavement Network found that children whose mum or dad had died were less likely to talk to someone at home about their worries (60% compared to 72% of those not bereaved) or to share their concerns with a friend (28% compared to 40%).