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British adults are reluctant to consider their own funeral

A new survey of British adults due to be released to coincide with Dying Matters Week 2016 has found that, even though people say they feel increasingly comfortable talking about death and dying, 14% say nothing would prompt them to think about their own funeral and nearly half (48%) would only be prompted to consider it when someone close to them had died.

New research shows the financial and practical impacts of a partner dying

Cruse Bereavement Care welcomes new research from Royal London which highlights the long term financial and practical impacts of the loss of a spouse or partner. The research found that the financial impacts last longer than expected, with 26% of people reporting lower disposable income in the first year after bereavement, rising to 42% one to three years after.

New Cruse Masterclass announced with Robert Neimeyer

Cruse Bereavement Care is pleased to announce a new date for our Cruse masterclass selection. On November 12th Dr Robert A Neimeyer will lead the masterclass Raids on the Unspeakable: Creative Techniques in Grief Therapy.

This workshop is one of Cruse's new masterclass selection delivered by eminent bereavement specialists. They will be hosted by Dr Colin Murray Parkes and the other speakers are Dr Lois Tonkin (26th May) and Ted Bowman (20th September) who will each be delivering a full day to you in their specific field.

Cruse supports inaugural palliative care awards

Cruse Bereavement Care has supported the award for Bereavement Project of the Year at the first palliative and end of live care awards. Organisations from West Yorkshire to Surrey were honoured by the awards which were organised by the National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC). The four winners were chosen from three shortlisted entries in each category, out of more than 50 nominations received.

New Cruse and Adfam groups for those bereaved through drugs or alcohol

The BEAD Project – a partnership between Adfam and Cruse Bereavement Care – is launching two new peer-led support groups for people bereaved by drug or alcohol use. The groups are being piloted in London and Birmingham from April to June 2016 and are open to any adult who has been bereaved through drug or alcohol use.

Cruse announces new Masterclass selection

Cruse Bereavement Care is pleased to announce our new Cruse Masterclass selection. The masterclasses will be delivered by eminent bereavement specialists, supported by Cruse. They will be hosted by Dr Colin Murray Parkes and speakers include Dr Lois Tonkin and Ted Bowman who will each be delivering a full day to you in their specific field.

Bereavement by suicide is a risk factor for suicide attempt

Comment on the study ‘Bereavement by suicide as a risk factor for suicide attempt’ published in BMJ Open

Cruse Bereavement Care has welcomed research from University College London carried out by Dr Alexandra Pitman et al, published in BMJ Open. The study highlights the difficulties faced by those who lose someone to suicide. Researchers found an increased risk of suicide attempts in those bereaved by suicide, and also found those bereaved by suicide were more likely to drop out of education or work.