Bereavement at work policy

Dealing with a bereavement is often one of the biggest challenges of an employee’s life. We can help you develop a bereavement policy for your place of work to support your staff through their grief.

Every bereavement is different and grief impacts everyone in different ways. Having a bereavement policy in place can ensure your staff are supported throughout their bereavement. A bereavement policy will outline the time off and support your employees will receive, if needed.

A bereavement policy will need to include the following:

  • Time off an employee is entitled to, and how much of this leave will be paid
  • Parental bereavement leave
  • Leave for bereavement of a non immediate family member
  • Returning to work

We’d be happy to help you develop one and you are welcome to have a look at our own organisational policy which you can download below.

Knowing there was a flexible and compassionate bereavement policy in place made a massive difference to me when I was bereaved. When someone close dies you're hit with a tidal wave of emotional and practical demands, both your own and from others who depend on you. I'll always be grateful I had the space and time to deal with it without worrying about my job.

Cruse member of staff

For more information on managing bereavement in the workplace read the acas guidance on managing bereavement in the workplace – produced in consultation with Cruse Bereavement Support.