Customer Facing Roles

The challenges facing bereaved people have been recognised by the major regulators and bereavement is now included in most definitions of ‘consumer vulnerability’.

About this webinar

We work in partnership with your organisation to ensure your staff have a greater awareness of the impact of bereavement and grief. Our trainer will discuss with you, your requirements from the training, to ensure they are covered. The skills then gained can inform and give your staff confidence in how they respond and support your bereaved clients and customers.

By the end of this webinar, participants will have:

  • Gained skills to communicate effectively and compassionately with bereaved customers/clients on the telephone.
  • Increased their understanding of how a person is affected by bereavement, be able to empathise and respond appropriately within your organisation’s policies and procedures.
  • Gained listening skills relevant to telephone conversations with bereaved people, including managing anger and distress.
  • Developed an awareness of support organisations, and how and when to refer individuals for further support.
  • Been made aware of their own self care and the impact of working with bereaved people can have on themselves and colleagues, and consider ways to manage the wellbeing of themselves and others.

Book your training:

Cost: Each  webinar session costs £600 + VAT. Webinars run for up to 2.5 hours with a short break, and participants are capped at 10 to encourage interaction and discussion.

Please contact for current availability or to discuss your requirements. The exact content of the webinar will be tailored based on the main training needs that your organisation identifies.

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