NEW: Grief First Aid Training

We’re excited to announce the launch of Grief First Aid, training that will empower your workforce with the tools, techniques and knowledge to provide thoughtful, and timely support.

The Benefits of Grief First Aid for the Workplace

Upon completion of our carefully structured 3-module course, you will:

  • Gain the skills to talk with your bereaved colleagues and peers, with confidence and compassion. Ensuring those experiencing loss feel heard, respected, and supported.
  • Understand how to assist colleagues returning to work following a bereavement, making their transition smoother and more supportive, reducing the potential negative impact it can have on them and your business.
  • Understand the value of a workplace bereavement policy, how to implement it and its profound impact on your business and colleagues’ wellbeing and productivity.
  • Get equipped to set up peer support networks within your organisation to facilitate group support for your colleagues.
  • Promote a positive and compassionate grief support system within your workplace.

Free 1 year access of the Grief Support App Untangle for trained Grief First Aiders

As an attendee you will also receive a year’s free access to Untangle renowned Grief First Aid Trainers support app. This resource-rich platform offers immediate counsellor contact, grief-specific toolkits, and interactive self-care workshops, providing crucial support at your fingertips.


Professional who interact with colleagues dealing with loss in the workplace. This course is ideal for anyone seeking to deepen their comprehension of workplace grief and acquire the skills needed to assist their colleagues and peers experiencing grief.


  • Course length: 3 modules, each 4 hours long
  • Virtual delivery: mic & webcam recommended for delegates.
  • Max delegates: 15
  • Cost: £325 (+VAT) for individuals or £2,500 (+VAT) for team training (Max 15 participants)
  • Course materials: PDF of slides and a certificate of completion
  • Training Groups: Join others on our online sessions or arrange team training specific to your organisation, tailored to meet your needs.


The course consists of three, 4-hour modules:

  1. Understanding Bereavement and Your Role as a Grief First Aid Specialist – Grasp the complexities of grief and define your role in addressing it.
  2. Supporting Your Organisation – Learn the importance of bereavement policies and how to implement peer support networks.
  3. Skills Practice – Develop practical skills for communicating with bereaved people, facilitating conversations about grief, and practising these skills in supportive environments.


The course comprises three modules, each 4 hours long. We facilitate online sessions, accommodating a maximum of 15 participants per group. The training is interactive, providing space for participants to ask questions and explore the topic in the context of their roles.


“I’ve attended a lot of sessions over the years that are designed to help you in your role but can honestly say this was one of the most relatable sessions I’ve been on.” Claire, Operations Manager Rothesay


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