Research request form

Requests for Research Support from Cruse

We value research that can shape how bereaved people are supported and empowered. We can therefore sometimes practically help researchers. This can take the form of circulating researcher contact details, or information about a research project or findings. We cannot provide any funding for research.

Research support requests are assessed monthly, by the Clinical Director and National Clinical Governance Lead at Cruse.


Acceptance Criteria

Any requests for research support will need to meet one or more of Cruse’s strategic priorities, with a central focus on bereavement, grief and/or mourning. Ethics approval must be in place or in process, and privacy and data security policies must be in place that are GDPR compliant.

Cruse is interested in research that can be applied in practice. Therefore, for a support request to be granted, there must be discernible outputs that can be utilised in the support of grieving people. There must also be a plan to disseminate findings. This plan can include using channels internal to Cruse (via our volunteer network, or an application to publish in our journal Bereavement), external channels, or both.

Please note that Cruse will only be able to respond to your request if all criteria are met.
Supporting research also depends on the availability of Cruse resources. Therefore, if you have not received a reply from us, even though your request meets the acceptance criteria, it may be that support is not available at this time.

At Cruse we value those we support, our supporters, the professionals we train and take your privacy very seriously. You can withdraw your consent to be contacted at any time by emailing [email protected]. For more information about how we protect and use your personal data, please read our full privacy policy at