Cruse consultancy services

Cruse values all activities and engagement with organisations wanting to improve their interactions with bereaved people. Cruse consultancy services therefore are co-designed your organisation, to reflect your unique needs, ensuring that bereaved colleagues, clients and customers are treated appropriately and compassionately with profoundly positive impacts for your workplace and reputation.

Following discussion with your organisation, we would build a personalised package for you, which could include, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Writing or review of printed or online materials intended for bereaved people
  • Design, facilitation of internal design or editing, or review of process or ‘journey’ for bereaved people in their interactions with your organisation. For example, Cruse can review your existing process and offer advice on changes and improvements; facilitate or be part of a working party in your organisation undertaking similar work; or review a newly designed process
  • Writing or review of relevant policies, both for bereaved customers or external personnel, and for bereaved staff members
  • One-off or ongoing mentoring or coaching of staff members interacting with bereaved people, for example by visiting your telephony function to listen to calls. This can be standalone or as an add-on to our popular training sessions 


Daily consultancy fees range from £355 to £845 per day, exclusive of VAT. A full quote will be supplied following discussion and an agreement as to what will be provided.


For more information about what we can offer your organisation email or you can call 0208 939 9542 for further information.



Bereaved at work

We can help you develop a bereavement policy, train managers and HR staff, and ensure that your organisation can offer an appropriate and timely response to bereaved employees.


Our new Cruse Masterclass selection will be delivered by eminent bereavement specialists, supported by Cruse Bereavement Care and hosted by Dr Colin Murray Parkes.


We offer a range of bereavement awareness training at venues across the UK, and can provide tailored in-house training to meet your organisation's needs.