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**Please note: our events will be reviewed in the light of Government guidance, and we hope to offer them for later in the year.**

Cruse can provide in-house courses tailored to your own specific needs. We have a dynamic team of trainers, who are highly skilled and qualified to develop and deliver training to a diverse range of organisations.

The rate for a day's in-house training workshop is £1600 + VAT. However, there are significant discounts available for voluntary and public sector organisations. Our workshop is suitable for groups of up to 20 which would mean cost per head could be as low as £80 plus VAT.

Half days and bespoke quotes for multiple days training available on request.

For more information about the bespoke training that Cruse can provide for your organisation
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All costs will be subject to VAT and trainers expenses will also be charged.

Cruse Loss and Bereavement Webinars:

At a time when training workshops are on hold, it is more important than ever that organisations are able to support their colleagues in having an awareness of the impact of bereavement and grief - both on their clients and themselves.

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Training for schools, teachers and education providers

For those working in schools or similar settings, we offer a tailored version of our Loss and Bereavement Awareness workshop specific to supporting bereaved children, young people, and their families. Learn how to communicate and support those children and young people in your care after the loss of someone close, and help your setting plan and prepare for these events.

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Training for third sector organisations

Developed from our Loss and Bereavement Awareness workshop with input from numerous other charities, this workshop is intended for all those working in the third sector encountering bereaved service-users or families of service-users. It aims to help you address how best to support those individuals and families with whom you have on-going relationships, how to continue those successful relationships after bereavement has occurred, and how to sensitively work with the common ‘need to do’ after the death of someone close. It will also develop staff and volunteer skills in understanding the boundaries of their roles and when and how to empathetically signpost individuals for further support.

"The training has certainly given me a greater awareness of issues that have affected and are affecting the people I work with - with the understanding and confidence gained made it really worthwhile." - Head Of Fundraising, The WIldlife Trusts.

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Training for the funeral industry

We provide comprehensive and accessible training for those working in the funeral industry to develop skills and confidence in working with and supporting bereaved client families, as well as skills of self-care in sometimes very emotive work. It will also develop staff and volunteer skills in understanding the boundaries of their roles and when and how to empathetically signpost individuals for further support. This course builds on the knowledge already gained by funeral professionals in their industry training, and comes highly recommended by leading figures in the NAFD.

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Training for customer care roles

For those working in customer care, customer services, and complaints teams we provide sensitive and usable training in effective and empathetic communication with bereaved customers and their families. Intended for utility companies and similar services, and based on our popular Loss and Bereavement Awareness workshop, this workshop places an emphasis on those working in telephony roles and how to apply effective support skills for bereaved people over the telephone, boosting staff confidence in these interactions and boosting your organisation’s standing in interactions with these customers.

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Training for the banking sector

Based on the British Bankers Association Bereavement Principles published in March 2016, Cruse has developed this specialist workshop for those working in front-line customer services for banks, both in branch or in telephony services. This workshop is based on our popular Loss and Bereavement Awareness workshop and has been tailored with input from major high street banks, to help you achieve the requirements of the Principles, boosting staff confidence and skills in their interactions with bereaved customers and their families.

"I found the Cruse training useful from a staff training/development perspective. It gave me a few ideas on what we can include in our own in house training"

- HSBC, Staff member

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Training for HR and line managers

Developed in conjunction with the ACAS  guidelines on Managing Bereavement in the Workplace released in September 2014, Cruse offers this one day workshop to HR departments, businesses and organisations who want to improve the way that they interact with, and support, bereaved employees. Designed to improve personnel’s or line managers skills and confidence in communicating with, supporting, and managing a bereaved employee or a death in the workplace, to enhance productivity, reduce absence and improve morale.

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Training for healthcare and hospices

Based on the Gold Standard training previously developed by Cruse and the Bereavement Services Alliance, this workshop can be one or two days and has been tailored specially to the learning needs of those working in palliative care in healthcare and hospices. As well as developing staff and volunteer knowledge and skills regarding grief and bereavement and how best to support and communicate with the families of patients, it also aims to build self-care skills for those working in such often highly emotive roles.

"Cruse was our first choice when considering who we would trust to deliver this important training. They ensured the content of the course was specifically tailored to the needs of our organisation, the tutor was knowledgable and clearly experienced, and the mix of theory, reflection and practical interaction was ideal."

- Thames Valley Air Ambulance, Director Of Operations

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Training for housing associations

Based on many years’ experience delivering our Loss and Bereavement Awareness workshop to housing associations and sheltered housing across the UK, this workshop is intended for both those working in caring roles as well as those in supporting functions. Learning outcomes include how to support individuals and families grieving after loss, maximising the benefits of your ongoing relationship with them and maintaining positive outcomes for your service users. This workshop will also develop staff and volunteer skills in understanding the boundaries of their roles, when and how to empathetically signpost individuals for further support, and how to support themselves and each other in such emotive work.

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Training for your organisation

Can’t find your organisation mentioned above? Please contact us directly to discuss your needs: we have many years of experience delivering bereavement-focussed training to organisations across the third, public and private sectors, in the UK and internationally. We’d be very pleased to develop a training provision tailored specifically to the needs of your staff, to improve their awareness, skills, knowledge and confidence when working with bereaved people.

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