Grieving on Valentine's Day | Cruse Bereavement Care

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If you or someone you know is missing a loved one on this Valentine's Day, these tips from Cruse may provide some ideas which might help.

Send out a wave of hearts this Valentines Day

Recognise your limitations

Don't push yourself into an activity you're not up to.

Let someone else  know they are not alone 

Send a card or flowers to a friend or family member who you know is also feeling down on Valentine's Day.

Be present with your loved one's memory

Everyone has their own rituals and reminders of their loved ones. It's ok to engage in them.

If you have children, involve them too

Allow them to pick an activity. Don't be afraid to acknowledge that being together as a family highlights who is missing and take every chance you get to talk about your loved one.

Set aside time

Engage in any activity that helps you cope with grief.