Our Vulnerable Supporters Policy

At Cruse Bereavement Support, we rely on voluntary donations to keep our services running to support grieving people. At present, our Fundraisers come into contact with the public through a variety of channels, which are post, email, social media and at events. We do not do any fundraising on doorsteps, the street or by telephone.

This policy outlines the high standards we set ourselves with every interaction – and how we will work with our supporters to make sure the experience is a positive one.

Informing supporters and treating people fairly

We will ensure that all our fundraising upholds the standards of the Code of Fundraising Practice, which includes treating people fairly, with respect, explaining our cause in a way which does not mislead people and is sensitive to people who may be in vulnerable circumstances.

Given the nature of our cause, we will come into contact with vulnerable people on a regular basis. We will always strive to respond to vulnerability without discrimination or judgement, and will always assume a supporter is able to make an informed decision to support Cruse, unless we have good reason to believe otherwise.

We will do this by:

  • Being open and unambiguous in our communications.
  • Taking all reasonable steps to treat a supporter fairly, so they can make an informed decision.
  • Taking into account the needs of any supporters who may be in vulnerable circumstances and require extra support to make a decision, and providing that support.
  • Never placing pressure on an individual to donate, and always providing them with a choice in the way we communicate.
  • Not taking donations from people who lack the mental capacity to make a donation, or who find themselves in a vulnerable circumstance which means they are unable to make an informed decision.
  • In the unlikely circumstance a donation is taken by someone unable to make an informed decision, we will return the donation.
  • Not knowingly taking donations from anyone under the age of 16, unless written consent has been given by a parent or guardian.

Supporter Promise

We can only do what we do, because of the amazing support of people like you. We want you to know that we really value this support, and will always be open, honest and respectful of our relationship with you and how we communicate.

We will do this by:

  • Recognising that any donation you make is your decision, and we will not apply undue pressure on you to support our work.
  • Respecting your privacy, and keeping your personal information safe – only using it to contact you in the ways you’ve agreed to. We will always process and store your information in line with GDPR and the Data Protection Act (2018).
  • Always giving you the opportunity to tell us how you’d like to be contacted, or whether you’d like to stop hearing from us.
  • Never selling or swapping your data with other organisations, all information you give us will be kept confidential.
  • Always being clear about where your money is spent – and keeping you updated on progress and how you’re helping grieving people.
  • Using your donation carefully, ensuring we’re as cost effective as we can be so you can have the greatest impact on those who need support.
  • Responding honestly and promptly to any question or complaint you may have.
  • Fully complying with the Fundraising Regulators Code of Fundraising Practice