Bereaved by Dementia Project 2016-2019

Ferswin Cymraeg

The Bereaved by Dementia project has produced the following leaflet and brochure to help bereaved people with dementia and those who care for them. Click on the images to download the documents. 


About the project

Following an award from Welsh Government Sustainable Social Services Third Sector Grant 2016-2019, Cruse Cymru and The Alzheimer’s Society in Wales are joining in a new partnership over the next three years to address the bereavement needs of:

  • People with dementia who have lost a loved one/carer
  • People bereaved by someone with dementia.

The project has a special focus on older bereaved people with dementia and ways of working with this especially vulnerable client group.

Our aim is to deliver a successfully tested model of working which incorporates raising awareness of how bereavement affects older peoples mental and physical health , improving access to support for bereaved older people, encouraging self-help and peer support in order to reduce loneliness and social isolation and help safeguard and promote long term mental and physical health. The focus will be on increasing and improving access to Cruse bereavement support, jointly raising awareness of bereavement when the person had dementia – the impact of this kind of grief, developing awareness raising training sessions and information specifically for a person bereaved by a person with dementia and those with dementia being bereaved.

The project will jointly design, develop and deliver a Bereavement Support & Dementia Awareness training module to be delivered in cross sector settings such as Care Homes (one third of people living with dementia live in a care home), Hospices, Hospitals and all other Health & Social Care settings and throughout the voluntary sector. In addition to the training module a jointly branded resource pack of leaflets/factsheets will be developed which can be uploaded to both websites and in time shared across the wider public health and mental health networks.

“Bereaved by Dementia “project over the next three years will deliver:

  • A volunteer Recruitment Campaign – 120 new trained volunteers over 3 year (40 per year)
  • Design, develop and jointly deliver a Bereavement Support & Dementia Awareness Training module
  • Develop jointly branded awareness raising/ information resource packs
  • Deliver four information sessions per annum to statutory and third sector organisations, utilising the networks and relationships of both organisations sites/settings i.e. through Dementia Café’s.
  • Raise awareness of Cruse services in the dementia community.

For more information about this exciting new project contact the project manager Maxine Norrish, Tel: 02920 886913