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Sarah was 19 when her mother died by suicide, and Cruse supported her in the difficult time which followed.

My name is Sarah Gearon, I live in Gloucester with my husband Scott and we have two bunnies called Lilley and George. I work in insurance.

I can’t remember how I first heard about Cruse it was either through my doctor or through my eating disorder counsellor.  I decided to put myself forward for support as I was really struggling to move forward with my grief and things were very hard for all the family and it was very difficult to talk about it.

When I was 19 my beautiful Mum hung herself at our family home in mine and my sister’s bedroom. It was a very normal day, I said goodbye to her as I left for work, and there was nothing in her eyes that told me to be concerned and she did seem happy. Me and my Dad found her when we got home from work. I took her death very hard as not only was I grieving but also suffering from post traumatic stress and flashbacks of what I saw. She was a wonderful lady who sadly had many demons and felt she had no other option then to take her own life. She was my rock and my best friend, she helped support my through my anorexia which I had only recently recovered from when she died. She was very good at keeping her emotions and pain from us, however a year before she died she took an overdose of sleeping tablets which did change her but still her sudden death came as a massive shock to all of us.

I saw my Cruse volunteer weekly at my Dad’s house where I lived at the time.  The sessions were mostly talking and we did discuss some coping strategies and ways of helping me to move on. I never thought I would ever learn to cope with my grief and move on.

The benefit of being supported by Cruse was having someone who isn’t family - that really helped as it was very hard to speak to my family when they were all grieving.  I would definitely recommend to somebody who is bereaved to get in contact with Cruse as just having a talk to someone about how your day was really helps you when you feel that alone.