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This section gives links to books on bereavement and books on grief available for sale from amazon. Please note that Cruse is not responsible for the content of books published elsewhere, although we make every effort to ensure we only recommend appropriate publications.

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Links to some general books on bereavement and grief.

Many people have written about the experience of losing a partner. We offer some recommendations.

Links to some books for older children and young adults, and some picture books for younger readers.

There are a number of picture books available which can help when talking to children about grief.

Many people who have lost someone special find bereavement  poetry can be helpful. Reading poetry about grief and bereavement can help give shape to feelings which it can be difficult to express in your own words.

Some books which professionals working with bereaved people may find helpful and informative.

Some books to help those with intellectual or learning difficulties with bereavement, or to help those working with them.