A voice for bereaved people

In 2022 Cruse campaigned hard to make sure the needs of bereaved people were heard.

Grieving people need a voice and that’s why we’re campaigning to make sure they’re heard. We’ll do whatever it takes to make changes, from campaigning for better business standards to improving bereavement laws. We’re determined to change how grieving people are treated.

In 2022 …

In March we rallied our supporters to respond to the consultation on the Covid inquiry draft terms of reference, and were pleased and relieved when these were expanded to include the mental health and wellbeing of the UK population – including access to bereavement support during the pandemic.

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Hundreds of thousands of people have been bereaved during the pandemic. Many of them have needed specialist support to cope with their loss – a fact that was frustratingly ignored by this draft of Terms for the Covid-19 Inquiry. It is crucial that Inquiry investigates the support to bereaved people over the last two years and the role of Government in funding that support.

Steven Wibberley, Cruse Chief Executive


Bereavement is everyone’s business

Cruse was part of the steering group for the UK Commission on Bereavement, submitted a detailed response to the consultation, and is supporting the recommendations of the report published in October 2022.

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