2022 – Why we do what we do

We help many thousands of bereaved people each year and every one of them has their own story, and their own individual grief. Helping them to live with their loss, and build a life while still remembering and honouring the lives of those who have died, is the reason for all our work. Read some of their experiences below.

Hannah’s story

In October 2019, Hannah’s dad was diagnosed with cancer. After persevering through treatment and then briefly going through remission, Hannah’s dad suffered two strokes whilst being cared for by his family at home. Hannah and her husband lived with her mum and dad at their house for his final days – and even when he was at the end of his life, Hannah still struggled to accept that he was going to die. Following his death, Hannah reached out to Cruse to help her cope.

“Cruse was absolutely amazing and the lady I spoke to was incredible. We had such a wonderful bond and her kindness and understanding meant so much to me. I found it really helped me talking to someone – I can still cry at the drop of a hat to this day, but I have learnt that grief is not something to be ashamed of.”

“Back then, I was really struggling as a new mum with the lack of sleep and a newborn – it was a lot to deal with but speaking to Cruse helped me see the joy in things again. It also allowed me to not feel guilty for being happy and to laugh with my new daughter, which was so important.”


Sarah’s story*

“My reason for coming to Cruse was because I wasn’t coping with losing my husband of 50 years and really needed help outside of my family. I had talked to many people about losing him but I found that Cruse was the most supportive. My experience speaking to someone for one-to-one sessions was very positive and I felt the Cruse volunteer understood how I was feeling. They were very empathetic and hugely supportive.”

*not her real name

It helped me enormously on a weekly basis and I will admit I was sorry when it came to an end - even though I knew this was inevitable! Following my support from Cruse, I was left feeling much stronger.


Other voices

“How can I thank you enough for helping me through the worst time of my life? Your continued support and encouragement is showing me there’s light at the end of the tunnel. When my mum went, the best part of me went too but you guys bought me back!!”

“Just had my final session with Cruse Support I cannot exaggerate what wonderful support my counsellor has given me. She has been incredible and so much of my ongoing recovery is down to her. Thank you doesn’t come close.”

“If it hadn’t been for a Friend’s suggestion of me contacting you and asking for help I don’t know where I would be now, literally, You unravelled a lot of emotions I’ve never had to contend with before my loss and gave me coping methods to put into place. Thank you from My Heart Cruse”

“I was at my lowest point on Christmas day 2021 so I phoned Cruse and despite it being Christmas day the lady I spoke to had all the time in the world for me.”