2021 – A story behind the numbers

Behind every number is a person with their own unique relationship to someone who has died. It’s our privilege to hear their stories and support them through their grief.

Nikki’s story

One of the people we helped last year was Nikki.

‘I sadly lost my dad unexpectedly last year due to Covid and it has been the most painful, devastating, and hardest time of my life. One night the pain got so overwhelming that I called Samaritans, not that I felt suicidal or that I was going to harm myself. I called them because the grief was so overwhelming and consuming.

It was a week or so later I got in touch with Cruse as I knew I needed more help. From the start, they were wonderful, so calming, I knew I was in good hands. A few months later I was assigned the most incredible woman who spoke with me every Wednesday night for 6/7 weeks. She listened as I gut-wrenchingly cried, recalling all the moments and details of my dad’s passing, telling her things I’d never uttered to anyone before. I never felt any judgment when speaking with her, just the utmost support.’

I completely understand that people might find it daunting and scary to get in touch with Cruse. Incredibly it still seems a very taboo subject, asking people for help but it is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.