Our work in 2021

2021 was another painful and difficult year for so many. Find out more about what we acheived, how we have continued to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, and how we are adapting and expanding our help for all bereaved people.

Chief executive Steven Wibberley looks back

As we look back on a second year of pandemic I’m sure many of us hoped it would all be behind us by now. But as we enter 2022 we are once again having to adapt the way we work, this time in response to the Omicron variant. We know that everyone is tired – tired of a pandemic which has brought so much suffering not only to those who have lost loved ones to the virus, but to everyone coping with ongoing isolation and grief in uncertain times.

In the face of all this we are hugely proud that Cruse has continued to rise to the challenges. We’ve supported more people than ever before, and our income has risen thanks to the many individuals and funder who have seen the importance of our work. We’ve introduced new projects, reached out to new communities, and changed the way we communicate to help become more inclusive and reach a wider audience.

We’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us this year. All our wonderful volunteers, staff, supporters and funders should know how much they have made a difference. And to everyone who has lost someone and reached out to us – we’re so sorry. Thank you for trusting Cruse with your stories and with your grief. It’s our privilege to be part of your journey.


Our impact in 2021

As we became used to working in new ways during this second year of pandemic, we saw more demand and helped more people than in 2020. Click on the links for more details and to hear from some of those we helped.

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33,300 helpline calls answered

two people talking to eachother

27,000 people received individual support

1.2 million visitors to our website

38,500 on-line chats held

Our volunteers

We couldn't do what we do without our amazing volunteers.