2021 in numbers

In 2021 we saw more demand and helped more people than in 2020.

Individuals helped

  • We supported 24,973 people one-to-one over the phone or online
  • When it was safe to do so, some of our volunteers started seeing people in-person again. We supported 1,990 this way in the second half of the year

I lost my mum to Covid. The Cruse support I received during the epidemic was a life changer. I couldn’t say goodbye to her in a normal way. A nurse used her mobile phone for me to talk and say goodbye. I will never be able to pay back my Cruse Volunteer. He saw me through such dark times, forever grateful.

Children and young people

  • We supported 3,443 children and young people

At Cruse, we felt like we found our new family, people who understood and loved us where we were, in our pain and grief. Cruse made us feel like we had found our ‘tribe’.

Oona, who was supported with her daughter Emma after baby George died at 6 months

Helpline and web chat

  • We answered 33,266 helpline calls – more than twice as many as in 2020
  • 48% of those calling said their bereavement had been impacted by COVID
  • Average call length increased to 20 minutes from under 15 in 2019
  • We held 38,500 online chats – up over 100% on 2020

That phone call made a world of difference for me. It was so lovely to be able to talk to someone who actually understood bereavement (it’s hard at my age because hardly any of my friends have lost anyone, never mind a parent). I feel like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders just having that opportunity to talk to you, and I truly am grateful.

Website and social media

  • Our overall 2021 Social Reach was just under 14 million
  • We gained 17,091 followers across our social platforms in 2021 totalling an audience of 91,912 users
  • We had 1.2 million visitors to our website and over 4 million pages were viewed

I lost my mum in February, and I wish I had read through your website sooner. It made me realise that all the stages of sadness and anger are normal. Thank you for your support.

Other support

  • We gave assessments or brief support to 7,988 people
  • We supported 1,554 people in groups where it was safe to do so

I lost my mother and I felt my whole world crashed in. Over the years I have learnt to cope and sometimes barely exist but although at the beginning when people says the pain eases and you don't believe it, it truly does if you just focus on the here and now. I had amazing support from a peer group with Cruse and we continue to meet and be friends.


  • We trained 1,098 new volunteers

Proud and humbled to have qualified as an @CruseSupport bereavement support volunteer, with an amazing group of women and a fantastic training programme! Can’t wait to get started.