Our vision, mission and values

A world where everyone grieving is supported, respected and understood.

Our vision

Our vision is that we live in a world where everyone grieving is supported, respected and understood.

Our mission

Our mission is that we support people through one of the most painful times in life – with bereavement support, information and campaigning.

Our values

Values are crucial to the culture of any organisation. Our values underpin everything we do. Whether we’re talking to a client or to a member of our own team, we always strive to be kind, inclusive, ambitious and genuine.

We are kind

Kindness underpins how we communicate and treat each other. Much like with grief, we have no idea what another person’s journey is or what they are dealing with, so we approach and respond with kindness.

illustration of two people comforting one another

We are inclusive

Grief does not discriminate and neither do we. Everyone’s experience of a bereavement is different and we honour everyone’s differences.

We are ambitious

We encourage and stretch each other. We are a highly motivated, passionate, professional and determined team. The more we succeed in our ambitions, the more we move towards our vision.

two people high fiving

We are genuine

We are honest, open to real conversations, tackling difficult subjects. We respect the courage it takes to be vulnerable when seeking support and speaking up. We learn from mistakes and we feel safe to be challenged. We bring our whole selves to our roles.

person comforting a child