Loss and Bereavement Training for Counsellors and Therapists

This training has been designed for qualified or in-training counsellors and therapists who want to expand or refresh their knowledge and skills when working with clients who are dealing with bereavement or loss. National Counselling Society (NCS) approved training.


Therapists, Counsellors, Psychologists, and talking therapists, including volunteers.


  • National Counselling Society (NCS) quality checked course
  • Course length: 2 ½ hours
  • Deliver: online
  • Course materials: PDF of slides available, certificate of attendance
  • Courses are not recorded to protect attendee confidentiality


• Explore different models of grieving and how they help both therapist and client understand different aspects of the grief journey

• Look at the impact of bereavement on an individual and the factors that help explain why people grieve differently.

• Gain understanding of different aspects of bereavement, including attachment style, sudden and traumatic death, anticipatory grief and complicated grief.

• Explore what support may be needed by someone who has been bereaved and how best you can provide this.

• Consider how Covid-19 and social distancing may impact someone grieving a death that occurred during the pandemic

• Explore bereavement in the context of faith and culture.

• Reflect on the additional challenges that may arise when working psychologically with clients who have been bereaved, e.g. boundaries, transference & countertransference, self-disclosure

• Understand the concept of vicarious trauma and explore your own self-care strategies.


Webinars are held in Zoom and will run for 2 ½ hours with a break in the middle. Courses have a maximum of 15 delegates, facilitated by a Cruse trainer experienced in bereavement support. They are interactive, allowing for questions and for delegates to discuss grief and loss in the context of their organisation or role.


“Thank you for the training. Everything was put forward in a way that really worked for me. Despite being a therapist for twenty+ years. Always so much more to learn! I learnt something new from it which proved to be very fruitful with the client I saw immediately after the training.” Hazel – Counsellor


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