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Cruse is launching a new service in Sutton in December 2018.

The first welcome group will be held in Sutton on January 12th 2019 - please email or phone 07904 056 123 for further information.

We will also be offering one to one support for adults in Sutton.

We will be running a training course in January 2019 for those interested in volunteering to support bereaved people in Sutton. This training course has been specially designed to give an understanding of the grieving process and to develop key skills in supporting bereaved people. The training consists of 3 days Foundation course and a 2 day face to face elective module and all the days must be attended. After completing the elective, all bereavement volunteers will also complete Safeguarding training and an Induction and Skills Day before supporting their first clients. A further module in Sudden and Traumatic Death also needs to be completed within the first 12 months of volunteering.

The course will be held in Sutton and the cost of the course is £175 which reflects the professional quality of the training and the fact that it is widely acknowledged as being of a very high standard. The fee will become payable once your place on the course has been confirmed following the pre-course interview.