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After someone dies there are a great many people to tell, procedures to follow and things to arrange. This section gives some information about what you need to do in the days, weeks and months after someone dies.

If you are here because someone close to you has died, we are very sorry. If you need emotional support to help you through this difficult time we are here. We can offer information, a Freephone helpline, and local services

We look at some of the practical things that need to be done in the days immediately after someone dies.

After someone dies, you will need to register the death. Read about what to do and how you might feel.

After someone dies there can be a seemingly endless list of people to tell. Read about what steps to take.

Links to useful government sites and other organisations providing helpful guidance.

Under the current rules funerals are limited and may be delayed. We have some suggestions which might help.

If finding the money to pay for a funeral is a struggle, there are some options for reducing costs, and you may also be eligible for some benefits or other help. 

An inquest is a special investigation held if it’s not clear how or why someone died, or if their death was unnatural.