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When Ric tragically lost his wife Jade after childbirth, he wondered how he could ever keep the ‘fire inside him alight’ for their son, Hugo. Two years later, Ric has harnessed his passion and creativity in support of Cruse and has raised a fantastic £1,200 so far.


Cruse fundraiser Ric and his wife Jade
Ric and Jade
In July 2018, I lost my best friend, my soul mate, my wife. Following a tragic series of circumstances, Jade died shortly after giving birth to our wonderful son, Hugo.

Jade was the kindest most thoughtful person I will ever know. She always lived for today, and always knew how to brighten someone’s day. She was my Pupy, and our connection from age 18 onwards was truly a unique one. I guess we never really grew up within our own love together. 
Following a really difficult two years, I found some inspiration writing. I find that creating books helps me to keep her memory alive. It also provided me with the therapy I was crying out for. I know Jade will be very proud of what we have set out to achieve and Hugo absolutely loves his book  Hugo & Daddy’s Night-time Adventures.
If you are deep within your own grief after losing a loved one and are finding it hard to express how you feel, writing a journal or creating a book could be the answer for you. It certainly allowed me to go to every part of our lives together and also gave me huge hope for Hugo's future. It provided me personally with the therapy I needed during lockdown and lit the fire back up inside me. 


Cruse fundraiser Ric and his son Hugo
Ric and Hugo
Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that by sharing it I can bring some hope to people struggling. I’m donating the proceeds from Hugo & Daddy’s Night-time Adventures to Cruse Bereavement Care, to support their work with bereaved people.