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This page offers versions of our free leaflets for adults to view online or download. 

Free leaflets for children, young people, and their carers


Cruse support leaflet and poster

A leaflet and poster which can be downloaded and printed on A4 paper. They outline how to contact Cruse for support, and the leaflet also explains a little about grief and offers some suggestions which might help.

Understanding bereavement

A short leaflet introducing Cruse, providing some information about bereavement, and giving some advice that may help you look after yourself or a child in your care. Welsh version.

Has someone died? Restoring hope

This is an 18 page booklet to help you in bereavement, with information about what you might be feeling, how you can take care of yourself, how as a friend or relative you can help others in their bereavement, looking to the future, and about how to help bereaved children and young people.

Coping with trauma and loss

A sixteen page leaflet to help you when someone close to you may have died in sudden and/or traumatic circumstances. You may have witnessed the death, or the deaths and injury of others. This leaflet explains some common reactions and sources of help.

After the death of someone very close

A guide to the emotions commonly experienced during the grief of bereavement. A basic, helpful introduction to bereavement, whatever the circumstances.

Bereaved by suicide

A death by suicide can be particularly distressing because of the circumstances in which it occurs: often it is unexpected and unexplained, and the bereaved may feel even more isolated because of other people's reactions. This booklet seeks to help the person bereaved by suicide find their way through difficult and distressing feelings.

When your parent dies: insights for bereaved adults

Adults who lose a parent often experience profound grief yet society expects them to take the death in their stride. This Cruse publication explores some of the often complex issues involved.

Signposting pack

A comprehensive directory offering advice, support and information covering all aspects of bereavement.

Help is at hand - Support after someone may have died by suicide

A 72 page booklet from Public Health England and the National Suicide Prevention Alliance (of which Cruse is a member)

Bereavement, loss and dementia

Bereavement, loss and dementia - Supporting people with dementia and those close to them through the grieving process.

Help and hope - For men living with loss

A booklet from our Together for You project providing information and advice for bereaved men.