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Cruse has developed webinars to help you train and support your staff. It is more important than ever that organisations are able to support their staff, clients and customers who have been bereaved.

Which Cruse Webinar is of interest to you?

Our webinars last approximately two and a half hours, with a 15-minute break, and are capped at ten participants. Drawn from our long-running and well-regarded classroom workshops, the content can be adapted to different audiences. We have extensive experience with HR and line managers (supporting bereaved staff), the care sector, financial services, therapists and counsellors. We will contact you before the webinar to ensure that we understand your needs and adapt the core content as appropriate. Contact

"I really found it useful, especially in the current climate. It gave me an insight as to what is available for anyone who is suffering a loss."

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Find more information on our different training webinars below:


Webinar: Loss and Bereavement Awareness for Everyone

A 2.5 hour webinar perfect for any individual or small organisation who wants to learn more about the issues surrounding bereavement and how to communicate with clients and customers. 

Loss and Bereavement Awareness Webinars Organisation Specific

A 2.5 hour ( with a 15-minute break) interactive webinar introducing the issues surrounding grief and bereavement. This is suitable for businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

Webinar: Loss and Bereavement Awareness for HR & Line Managers

A 2.5 hour webinar for organisations, providing you with tools to support your employees and minimise the potential negative impact bereavement and grief can have on them and your business.

Loss and Bereavement Awareness for Customer Facing Roles

A 2.5 hour webinar for organisations to ensure your customer-facing staff have a greater awareness of the impact of bereavement and grief. 

Webinar for Therapists and Counsellors

A 2.5 hour (with a 15-minute break) interactive webinar specifically for qualified therapists and counsellors.