2022 in numbers

In 2022 over 100,000 people received support directly from a Cruse volunteer or staff member and many thousands more visited our sites or connected with us on social media.

Individuals helped*

  • We gave ongoing support to  22,192 people one-to-one over the phone or online
  • We supported 1,990 face to face
  • We supported 1575 people in groups where it was safe to do so
  • We assessed or gave brief support to 8397 people

* provisional figures, some additional numbers still to be counted

Children and young people

  • We supported 2654 children and young people


  • We answered 31,487 calls and 8,228 emails from individuals seeking support from Cruse
  • Our Helpline Bereavement Volunteers spent 13,112 hours on the phone talking to callers
  • 33% of those that called did so in the first three months after the bereavement
  • 89% call about the death of a partner, parent or close family member
  • After talking to our volunteers 63% of callers felt they didn’t need further support – the other 37% were directed to other services

“I wanted to say thank you for the support given to me by one of the volunteers on the Helpline. They helped me through some truly dark moments and were there for me when I needed someone. I live alone and it is a real comfort to know that you are there, so I want to thank you for your support and your kindness, it means a lot.”

Helpline caller

Website and social media

  • We increased our followers across all social media platforms to 106,000
  • We  had over 8.8 million page and profile impressions
  • We had 1.5 million visitors to our website and over 4.5 million pages were viewed
  • We held 27,064 online chats

“I had been crying writing these messages, but I feel strangely better, thank you again.”

CruseChat client