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A traumatic loss is one that is sudden and unexpected, and often results from horrific or frightening circumstances. We provide information for those affected by natural disaster, terrorist attack, suicide and other traumatic losses. A traumatic loss can give rise to special problems, and sources of further help are given at the end of each section.

Read about common reactions in crisis situations, and some suggested actions which can help.

We look at the four main types of problems which can arise after losing someone in traumatic circumstances, and give some suggestions for things that might help.

Bereavement through murder or manslaughter may be particularly difficult to come to terms with. 


When someone we love dies by suicide, the grieving process can be more complex and even more difficult to resolve. Find out about some sources of help.

Bereavement through drugs or alcohol can often be a very confusing and distressing experience. Deaths can be accidental or intentional (through overdose), or come about through long-term drug or alcohol use.