Cruse partners with The Grief School

We're proud to partner with Good Grief to bring you more than 60 hours of free events as part of this year's Good Grief Festival

October 11, 2021

Cruse Bereavement Support is teaming up with Good Grief to provide 60+ hours of on-demand content including talks, webinars and workshops recorded at previous Good Grief festivals and events.

The films  will be available during this year’s Good Grief Festival, from 9am on Friday, October 29th until 8pm on Sunday, October 31th. Register in advance to watch free of charge. You can choose the events that relate specifically to your experience or watch whatever you feel is right and interests you.

Events include Julia Samuel on coping with grief in a crisis, Robert Webb on death of a parent, Daivd Kessler on the 6th stage of grief, and lots more.

We hope these films provide comfort, insight and understanding and that you feel more supported and less alone in your grief.