Step-parents and guardians

When a step-parent dies

As well as the usual feelings that come with losing a parent, the death of a step-parent may come with a number of different emotions specific to the relationship you had with them. It’s important to allow space for your feelings and know that it’s totally okay to feel what you’re feeling.

Guilt:  If you had a difficult relationship with your step-parent you may feel a sense of longing or regret for a connection that never was.

Exclusion:  when someone dies, community support is often focused on the partner or biological children of the person who died. Step-children may therefore feel left out of the grieving process. 

Worries about family ties:  the loss of a step-parent may put a strain on relationships with step-siblings and other family members. You may be concerned about losing the relationship you’ve nurtured with step-siblings and other extended family members.

No matter how you’re feeling, we’re here to help. Call the Cruse National Helpline to speak to someone about the death of a step-parent.